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★★★★★ – Rise of Dresca is an action-packed and thrilling fantasy adventure that will take its readers on a compelling, shocking, but above all, incredibly entertaining journey!


Literary Titan

★★★★★ – Rise of Dresca offers readers an exhilarating journey through a daring fantasy realm not intended for the timid. From the very outset of the novel, readers find themselves plunged into a rich and thrilling narrative brimming with action and intrigue.

Literary Titan

Readers’ Favorite

★★★★★ – Action-packed and filled with a healthy dose of magic, mayhem, and fantastical lore, Rise of Dresca is a phenomenal start to what promises to be a riveting epic fantasy series. Author Tim McKay knocks it out of the park with a story that sets the stage perfectly for an expanded fantasy saga rich in world-building, epic storylines, and characters who leap off the pages.

Pikasho Deka from Readers’ Favorite

A Look Inside

★★★★★ – “Rise of Dresca” by Tim McKay is a spellbinding journey into the heart of a mesmerizing monster-filled fantasy realm. Seamlessly blending captivating storytelling with vivid world-building, this teen and YA monster fantasy will have readers utterly entranced from the very first page.

– Demetria Head for A Look Inside Book Reviews

Readers’ Favorite

★★★★ – … there is something for every avid fantasy genre fan. He begins the story with a hint of mystery as the major players are neither obvious nor are their origin stories fully fleshed out. This approach, though unusual, does an excellent job of piquing the reader’s interest to seek a better understanding of the overall story plot. Even that pales compared to the extensive attention to detail that goes into the entire novel. The battles are vivid, the descriptions of locations make you feel like you are practically walking those streets beside Vald and his colleagues, and the conversations between the characters have a distinct edge to them, which lets the reader know that McKay is deliberately saving the big reveal for the latter stages of the novel. Ultimately, McKay’s unusual delivery in his storytelling gives Rise Of Dresca a unique appeal that readers will find fascinating.

Essien Asian for Readers’ Favorite

Readers’ Favorite

★★★★ – Rise of Dresca by Tim McKay is a good read for those readers who love intrigue, action, and a bit of sci-fi. Secrets are everywhere. The undertone of mystery will keep the reader captivated while attempting to unravel the plot and understand what is happening.

Bryone Peters for Readers’ Favorite

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